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You are your tribe

A brand like Tribal needs an identity that represents the interpersonal connections it promotes. The icon represents the connection, the web, the links between you and your tribe. Supporting the spirit of individuality, this identity gives the vibe of that 'one of a kind' spirit. An e-commerce platform, in the works, will help connect individuals with new products, look books, as well as their friends, their tribes, and their loved ones with group shopping features. Users will find great products, great content, and beautifully written blogs that anyone can submit inspiring works to.

One vibe. 

One tribe.


Social Media Ads & Content

With an audience of primarily young, free spirited individuals, I put together a carousel Instagram ad showcasing both the product and an eclectic group of like minded individuals. An initial focus on the tagline 'One Vibe. One Tribe' brings forward a sense of camaraderie between their target audience. Once the brand is officially launched, the Instagram feed will consist of lifestyle photos, product photos, and featured posts from Tribals fans. A clean aesthetic and fresh feel will provide a refreshing change of pace from most modern sunglass companies.