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Nagusame le

An identity for Nagasume le, a home goods brand focused on cozy environments.


Nagusame le translates to ‘comfortable home’ and that is exactly what they provide. Through beautiful scents available in candles and diffusers, Nagusame le creates a cozy home vibe like no other.

A design approach based on a soft and inviting adaptable logotype, a color palette reminiscent of absolute relaxation, and scents that inspire make this brand a leader in the home scent game.


A beautiful packaging system focused on showcasing the ‘pure’ and ‘free from additives’ scents provides a refreshing visual take on a common household product. Scents based on essential oils and natural fragrance brings a beautiful experience to their customers: An experience only amplified by the unique subscription models offered.


Nagusame le is a unique lifestyle brand handcrafting candles and scents to transform your state of mind. Following their first launch of these fine scents seen above, Nagusame le will be rolling out scent packages that are perfectly curated to help amplify your daily life. These scent packages include Focus, Revive, and Unwind.