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Joseon Empire

Branding and Identity design for The Imperial Family of Korea: The ruling family of the Joseon Empire.


The Imperial Family of Korea is the ruling family of the Joseon and Korean Empire that was founded by King Seong-gye Lee in July of 1392. The mission of the Imperial Family is to represent the Great Korean People as a symbol of love, human rights, peace, freedom and solidarity. The Crown and the Imperial Family, additionally, recognize excellence among the people.

Most importantly, the Imperial Family’s goal is to bring power to the people.


The Joseon Empire is trying to bring wealth and social growth to the people of their land. The plan to “Enlighten the People” is to teach youth how to code and develop software, bring more funding to Korea, and complete this cycle over and over. The identity of Joseon represents the building blocks to being a thriving society again. This logo system builds upon itself, allowing adaptability for any application. Each piece of the logo adds up to the next logo form.


The cultural innovations and achievements of Korea’s Joseon dynasty continue to influence society in modern-day Korea. To revive this Dynasty, Joseon needed an identity that merges traditional and historic values with modern influence.


*Joseon is an on-going project. I will periodically post updates.