Slate Simmonds

BrightEdge Ventures

A brand identity for a VC Accelerator backed by the American Cancer Society.


BrightEdge is the Philanthropic Impact Fund of the American Cancer Society (ACS). Their goal is to invest in companies that accelerate access to lifesaving technologies for the patients and families ACS serves. BrightEdge will accelerate the ACS mission while creating a sustainable funding source into the next century.


BrightEdge has a clear mission of saving lives by creating funds for cancer research. I wanted to create an identity that has a strong stance. This helps represent the financial stability of BrightEdge as a vc firm, providing a sense of trustworthiness. The icon represents a lotus flower symbolizing a healthy, harmonious life.


Creating this identity and working with the team at FINE and BrightEdge was a wonderful experience. My direction for this project remains one of my favorite works to date. Building a design system that looks right at home next to the partner organization, American Cancer Society created a strong and consistent brand feel for this young VC firm with high hopes.


*All work with BrightEdge was done in conjunction with FINE