Slate Simmonds™ | Branding and Digital Designer


Branding for a hot tech startup aiming to bring lgbtq dating to a more comfortable and safer level. By matching users with a unique algorithm, Boykott is hoping to take over the dating app game. An identity that is striking, adaptable, and unique has been crafted to help Boykott raise funding and get started on their mvp.


Boykott is a dating app for the modern man seeking dates, flings, and friendships. Boykott wanted an identity that screamed modern, while remaining simple and effective in a minimalist sense. With a unique twist on modern dating apps, Boykott will create a very unique and engaging user experience. The app is currently under development.


Boykott is for the love seekers, the explorers, the adventurers, and anyone else who is tired of the traditional dating app games and this imagery shows it. Simplicity, energy, and good vibes create a loving environment circling the brand.